While you are away our pet sitter will provide the care and company that your pet needs. Drop-ins can include  indoor/outdoor playtime, feeding, medication, walking, litterbox, checking cages/lamps and tons of love and cuddles! 

We cater to more than just your canine and feline friends. Our sitters are knowledgeable with small animals, reptiles, birds, and fish.

All drop-ins include sitter GPS tracking along with visit report and photos!

20 min: $20

30 min: $25

60 min: $35

Pups of all ages need to release
energy and get exercise. We offer walks with custom care to ensure their needs! Whether your pooch enjoys neighborhood streets or going to the dog park, we are all paws in.


We will happily follow reinforcement training instructions! 

Puppy care and special needs visits available upon request.

Walk/run times can include sitter GPS tracking along with walk report and photos, and a post-walk treat.

30 min: $25

45 min: $30

60 min: $35

Need a vacation? Going out of town?

We know that not all pets enjoy or can handle going to a boarding facility. This service is perfect for the pet(s) that live their best life in the comfort of their own home and daily routines.

Our sitter will stay in your home and provide all the comforts that they are used to. Our in-home service includes walks, feedings, playtime, administering medications, and overnight care.  If they enjoy evening couch potato sessions we are down to lie down. If an evening run is their thing, we are always up for the dog park.  


Plant watering, mail pick-up, and trash set out are included.

Overnight sits include daily reports and photos, and as many cuddles as your pet could want.


12 Hours Overnight + Mid-day Visit

7 pm-7 am

Additional Visits Scheduled On Request


(mileage not included outside of 10-mile radius)