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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Puppy Care


60 minute in-home consultation


We will help you and your family prepare for bringing a home a new puppy. There is so much beyond to be ready for beyond the toys and bedding.

We will:

-Customize a puppy schedule

-Discuss necessary items needed

-Pet safety

-tips based on your home and lifestyle


Two 30 minute visits daily

Ten days for a total of 20 visits

We know that having a puppy means altering your work and daily routine. With our 30 minute visits, we will:


-keep puppy on track of potty schedule 

-provide appropriate play and positive training

-provided tips for toys, exercise, training.


60-minute virtual consultation

There is no denying that puppyhood is WORK. 

We will help you navigate the hoops when perhaps something isn't "working, refresh puppy's manners, and how to prepare for the next stage of "doghood". 

Our virtual coaching is available for any pet parent that has completed Puppy 101 with us.

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