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Winter Pet Safety

Preparing for snow and making the most of days inside.

Preparing your home

You want to have a plan in place and supplies well before the first snow fall.

A good habit to keep is having at least two weeks worth of pet food and water on hand in the event of a storm and unable to leave your home. When preparing for snow and ice, use pet-safe ice melt like, Safe paw. Pet-safe ice melt is free of salt that can contain chemicals that can irritate your pet's paws. Along with a mat at your door, keep towels close by to dry off and remove debris from paws to keep them from tracking in throughout your home.


We are all familiar with the restlessness that a dog can have if they do not get their daily walk or chance to get rid of zoomies. Snowy and rainy days really don't help and you are left trying to keep them occupied. But. Just as important as physical exercise is, so is mental stimulation. Choose an activity that you can do with your pet like nose work, refreshing commands or treat games.

  • Nose work: hide your pets kibble in various places and have them "search" for it. This activity allows them to use their nose and takes them longer to eat their meal(s).

  • Commands: You can never practice basic commands enough. Learning new commands or even tricks are a great mental stimulation for your pet.

  • Treat games: Put your pet's treats or kibble in a treat ball like, Omega Paw or a tug-a-jug. Your pup will roll the ball around and treats will fall out.

Safety and Wellness

Ensure that your pet is micro-chipped and wearing a collar with ID tag. Snowfall can affect your pet's ability to find its way home.

You pet's paws endure so much year round and the cold and ice melt can make them even more sensitive. Make sure to wipe them down thoroughly when coming into your home and use a Paw Soother, to moisturize and heel their pads.

If you park your vehicle outside, double check hoods and wheel wells for cats. Stray cats may hide in them to stay warm.

Do not delay on getting you pet checked by the vet. Cold weather can often intensify pain/illnesses.

Create an emergency plan with supplies. In Kentucky, we are no stranger to ice storms and power outages. Make sure to have plenty of human and pet supplies, Have plenty of warm bedding and clothing for two and four legged family members.

Colder weather also means extra snuggles with your furry companions. Keep them safe and warm this winter!

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